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Michel Jacquot

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Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy - ericksonian hypnosis - and EMDR in Montpellier, Hérault

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Michel Jacquot, therapist

From my specializations, I can help you in the healing of

- Trauma and its consequences, aid to people victim of moral harassment, physical and psychological violences, sexual abuses, and other type of trauma (bereavement, accident...)
- Depression, temporary or recurrent depressive episodes
- Emotional disorders, anxiety, fears, excess emotionality, feeling of being separated from oneself or from one's emotions...
- Difficulties like eating disorders, insomnia, addictions...


I propose psychotherapy, Ericksonnian hypnosis and EMDR consulting in La Boissière, 20 minutes away from Montpellier


Hypnotherapy - ericksonian hypnosis - is a very respectful method, that allows, through an inner feeling of deep relaxation and comfort, to step back from the difficulties in order to get a different perspective, and to draw from the richness and vast resources of one's inner being.

The psychotherapeutic methods I use comes within "Brief therapies". I combine Ericksonian hypnosis with specific and very efficient therapeutic methods to accompany you in the healing of depression and of the deep wounds of traumas.

For further information or for an appointment, please call me: , or send me a message here.